YouTube Redesign to Provoke Shift for Social Media Marketing through Video Production

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The latest social media platform to launch a redesign? YouTube, of course. The online mecca for video production enthusiasts launched a complete redesign on December 1, with emphasis on social networkingintegration and using the power of algorithms to figure out what videos you’ll like. What’s included in the YouTube redesign?

YouTube Redesign to Provoke Shift for Social Media Marketing through Video Production

An activity feed in the center of the page, channels on the left, and recommendations for users on the right. The channels that appear include any YouTube subscriptions the user has and social network integration (automatic integration of YouTube cousin Google+ and an opt-in Facebook integration).

The Subscriptions feed is perhaps the biggest leap, as it is a huge update from how YouTube handled subscriptions before the redesign (showing a video from a channel you’ve subscribed to onto the page with other videos and sending you an email). With the change, uploaded videos are presented front and center.

The center Subscriptions feed will present videos from producers you’re subscribed to in a manner that seems to make more sense than it did previously (which our Los Angeles social media clients are bound to like), as industry-specific subscribers can find them more easily.

In fact, it’s worth predicting that the practice of video production for marketing a business online could multiply substantially because of the user-friendly YouTube redesign). As businesses see the power of YouTube marketing increasing, they are more likely to jump on the bandwagon. This was always the case, but the increases the frequency of it happening even more.


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