Yes, The Mobile Web Revolution Is Finally Upon Us!

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Back in the early 2000s, the mobile web was in its infancy. Web design firms and marketing agencies were being told that the mobile revolution was on its way. The landscape of the Internet would soon be changing and the sites that were not mobile friendly would quickly see a huge loss in traffic. Some web designers panicked while others sat on the sidelines in anticipation wondering when the mobile revolution would overcome the deeply rooted desktop. That day has arrived.

Yes, The Mobile Web Revolution Is Finally Upon Us!

Google’s Shift Towards Mobile

It is no secret that Google is the leader in the search market. Just under 12 billion searches are done every single month using their service. Google knows what’s going on and their extensive lists of data have helped them see into a new type of crystal ball that has shown them the future. That future is mobile.

In March, Google moved forward with a huge redesign. This redesign ushered in new improvements in one area of search. Care to guess what area this was? If you guessed mobile, then you win today’s grand prize.

Google has also been quietly launching other new features on mobile first. The mobile version of Google Maps was launched first, and new ad formats have graced the mobile world first. What does all of this mean and why should you care?

These subtle yet very important changes by Google have signified that the mobile revolution is definitely upon us. Google would not be applying these changes to mobile first if this was not the case.

Why Mobile Is Taking Over

Look at your own mobile usage and study how, when and why you are using mobile devices. The ultimate reason mobile is taking over is this. It is more convenient to connect, search and browse the Internet on a mobile device.

Mobile devices never leave a person’s side, and you would think some people’s mobile devices are a permanent part of their hand. Getting up and walking over to the nearest computer is not nearly as easy as sitting on the couch and using one finger to navigate a smartphone or tablet.

Placing High In the SERPS Is Now Even More Important!

Mobile devices are now outselling computers 3 to 1 and the tablet market has recently exploded. Mobile devices come with a much smaller price tag and many times they are free! Not to mention mobile devices are starting to show up all over the globe.

All of these people are viewing searches a little differently than they would be on a traditional computer. There is far less screen real estate on mobile devices and organic results are greatly limited. Holding the top search rankings is now even more important due to this fact. Mobile SEO is also now becoming even more important. How is your site ranking? Does it even appear in mobile search? Any brands who are not on top of these questions will no doubt be among the first casualties of the mobile web revolution.


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