Yahoo! earned four times more than in 2011 | News

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Net Yahoo! revenue in 2012 was $ 3.95 billion, exceeding the 2011 figure by 4 times. Recall, then the company has received only $ 1.05 billion.

Annual earnings per share was $ 3.28, which is three times higher than in 2011. In 2012 income from operations fell 29% to $ 566 million that is due to the sale of the company earnings at its disposal shares Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

    Total for 2012 Yahoo! earned $ 4.987 billion, and in 2011 - $ 4,983 million. CEO, Marissa Mayer commented on the achievement, saying she was proud of the results of her company, and particularly the last quarter of last year. She also mentioned that this is the first revenue growth for four fiscal years.

    For the fourth quarter 2012, the company received $ 273.7 million of net profit, which is 9% lower than the previous quarter. Revenue also increased by 1.6% to $ 1,346 dollars. These results were slightly higher than analysts' forecasts, which predicted Yahoo! revenue of about $ 1.21 billion. The company expects the first quarter of this year its revenue will be $ 1.07-$ 1.1 billion

    On Monday befor NASDAQ was closed Yahoo! stock value was $ 20.31 per share, and the market value of $ 24 billion in the fourth quarter of the value of securities increased by a quarter, and with the advent of Yahoo! With the help of Marissa Mayer grew by a third. Analysts believe that this is a consequence of faith of investors in the new company CEO.


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