Windows Mobile Application Development

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With the successful release of the Windows Phone 8 – a device that quickly surpassed its predecessor, Windows Phone 7, in both demand and sales – it’s time to take the potential of Windows Phone mobile apps seriously. Businesses need to have apps operating across every major mobile platform, and although Windows is the newest to emerge among those platforms, it is making its mark on the mobile industry and gaining ground with consumers. In addition to the Windows Phone, the following brands now market smartphone devices that are supported by the Windows Phone 8 operating system:

  • HTC
  • Nokia
  • Samsung

These brands offer numerous Windows Phone models, many of which are doing very well in sales. For you, the business owner, it makes having an app on the Windows Phone OS all the more important. If you have stalled on Windows mobile application development, then the time to start is now. But what if your competitors haven’t released a Windows app yet? If that is the case, you are in a great position – because you can be the first!

When you are one of the first in your industry to release a Windows Phone app, you increase the chances that your app will be reviewed by content-hungry tech bloggers and business bloggers; if they like your app, their reviews can offer you free marketing with untold advantages. You can’t put a price on that kind of advertising! That’s why it’s important for your Windows Phone app to be outstanding. Fortunately, Crest Media specializes in outstanding.

Windows Mobile Application Development from Crest Media

The mobile application development team at Crest Media has significant experience with C# and .NET, the Microsoft programming infrastructure essentials that form the backbone of Windows apps. We can take your idea for a great mobile app and run with it, or brainstorm with you to pinpoint an app model that can take your business where you want it to go. We believe there is an app for every business, and are eager to help you identify yours.

Whether you are just now venturing into the world of mobile apps or you are adding Windows Phone apps to your existing app repertoire, Crest Media offers Windows mobile application development service you can feel good about. From your first consultation to the launch, our entire mobile app development process is quick and efficient. Contact Crest Media today to discuss your ideas for a Windows Phone app and identify which one will help your business claim its share of the mobile market. We look forward to helping you make it happen.


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