Why Selling Direct Is Better Than Distribution

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As a new or even a seasoned business owner, you are always looking for the best ways to expand your market. For many businesses the first thing that comes to mind setting up distributors to expand the reach of your business. The automotive sales industry is the perfect example of this scenario. 9 out of 10 automotive sales centers are simply distributors that are part of a larger distribution plan. While this type of business model has proven to be successful in the past, there is nothing quite as powerful as being able to sell your products or services directly to your customers. That’s right, cut out all the middle men and women and sell direct to your customers. The benefits of this business model are huge!

Selling Direct For Powerful Insights

One of the benefits that many businesses are seeing by selling direct is a different line of communication that helps them grow their business and expand their reach into areas they may have never thought of.

Selling direct opens more lines of communication. By being able to speak directly with a customer instead of a distributor, you can find out exactly what they think of your products or services.

You may think you have everything figured out, but that can change when you start selling direct. This form of change is great for the businesses that want to listen. New product ideas will emerge and businesses will grow.

Distribution Disadvantage

Believe it or not, there are some serious disadvantages when it comes to choosing a distributor. The first and most glaring disadvantage is the sheer lack of control you have over your product. Sure, a distributor gets paid when your product sells, but most distributors don’t really believe in the products they carry like a business owner will.

Distributors also carry other products as well. This means that your distributors will most likely be carrying products from your competitors. There is no way your products will get the attention they deserve when your distributor is also trying to sell the competitor’s products. It is a win-win situation for the distributor, but a losing situation for your business.

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Selling direct may be a difficult mountain to climb, but the end result will always be well worth the struggle. You gain the power of knowledge that comes directly from your customers. If you listen, you can learn what your market wants and needs and you get complete and total control over your products. Don’t let someone else decide the fate of your business. Go direct and never look back.


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