Why Does Email Marketing Work?

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Did you know that last year, 44% of email users made a purchase based on a promotional email? It’s true! The numbers say it all: email marketing works. But why does it work? After all, it is a relatively simple marketing technique, and it only utilizes a small portion of a company’s overall marketing budget. Here are some reasons why our Austin marketing firm believes that email marketing is so highly effective for small to mid-sized businesses.

It’s Unthreatening

Yes, a personal touch is great – but many consumers are content to get that contact with you in a message that gives them the option of not replying. Unlike a landing page, which may have a contact form to fill out that promises a reply from the company, an email marketing message is totally unthreatening to the hands-off consumer. If they want to contact the company doing the advertising, they can. But no one is forcing them to, and that’s what they love about it.

It’s Automated

Business owners don’t have time to meet with every prospect in the area – but they can make time to enter those prospects’ email addresses onto a list, and hand it over to a firm that will send out a professionally designed email newsletter to everyone on the list. One study tells us that reading emails accounts for 28 percent of the average work day, with more than 112 emails are sent and received per person every day. People use this automated system anyway; by now, they actually expect to receive some email marketing messages in their daily routine.

It’s Regulated

You know those email marketing messages you used to receive from companies you never encountered in real life, much less did any business with? You probably receive fewer of them now, because the federal CAN-SPAM law is being enforced more and more by courts all the time. One example is recently took place in Utah, when a U.S. District Court ruled that remote-hosted images did not comply with several of the CAN-SPAM Act’s directives.

For example, the law requires that commercial email messages should contain a valid physical address of the sender, clearly identify that the message is an advertisement, and clearly notify recipients of the opportunity to decline receiving further messages (i.e., that they can (“unsubscribe” or “opt-out.”)

If you are sending valid email marketing messages that comply with CAN-SPAM guidelines, you should have no problems with federal regulators. The law was designed to minimize the amount of spam emails that go out to consumers – and that’s a good thing for all legitimate email marketers!

The only drawback to email marketing is that it is time consuming for the uninitiated, and many business owners don’t have the time to design their own email marketing messages. Even a monthly newsletter can take hours to create. That’s why more marketing firms are offering email marketing services to their clients. Our Austin marketing agency, Crest Media, is one such firm; contact us if you would like information on this effective marketing method.


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