Why Creating Great Content Should Be the Backbone of Any Link Building Campaign

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There are literally thousands of search engine optimization strategies out there, but relatively speaking, only a handful of them have been proven to gather worthwhile results for nearly every website and industry. One of the single most reliable methods to not only build up the reputation of your website but to also improve search engine rankings is commonly known as link building.

Link building can definitely be extremely advantageous when done correctly and it can also become extremely detrimental to the overall livelihood of your website. This brings up the question: What is the single best way to build links that will help push your website to the top?

In the Beginning

Back in its infancy, link building was a fairly simple and straightforward process. You could build links anyway you wanted to. In fact, the more the better. People quickly learned how to build thousands of links in a matter of minutes using automated processes.

It became all too easy to build links, but the all mighty Google quickly caught on to these tactics and penalties were unleashed upon the Internet like a hoard of biblical locusts. The penalties were designed to strip a top ranking website from its precious top five position and send it plundering down to a deep, dark pit where no human would ever find it again.

Websites and businesses suffered big time. Google is still dealing out these penalties to this day and more and more websites are suffering, but only because these websites have built links the wrong way.

Quality Makes the Most Sense

Fighting the urge to gather as many links as possible is tough, but it is the only way to successfully create a link building campaign. Google really does not care one single iota about the total amount of links you currently have. Signs have pointed to something entirely different. Google seems to prefer high quality links over quantity.

The winning equation is simple to understand. More quality links coming from more quality sources is greater than more links from the same stagnant source. One single link from a high quality source can far outweigh hundreds of links from a low quality source.

Resist the Urge to Gather Links

You must resist the urge to manually build links, but then how in the world are you supposed to build links? The answer is simple. Links will come on their own when you start creating content worthy of being shared.

High quality content that people actually benefit from is the backbone of the Internet and it only takes one piece of content to make its rounds and earn you possibly dozens of extremely high quality links. Simply put: implementing excellent content creation strategies will naturally earn you excellent links.

Avoid Spammy Link Building Practices

Google has done an excellent job on instilling a slow and steady fear into the world of search engine optimization when it comes to link building. Most of the spammy links that can easily be built today are simply ignored by Google. Penalties are not being dished out as frequently as they were in the past. Just stay far away from spammy link building techniques and you won’t have any problems.

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Focus on creating great content that provides people with value and then focus on getting that content distributed through social media channels where it will earn more eyes. If the content is good enough, links will come on their own.


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