Who Will Use Google Glass, and How Can You Target Them?

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Before its official release later this year, Google Glass will be released to an advance audience this week. Like other Google products, it could be a big hit right away, take a year or two to find its footing before exploding with popularity, or never take off entirely. If it does take off, it’s entrepreneurs who stand to benefit. As our Los Angeles social media agency sees it, the advantage Google Glass will deliver them is better consumer mobility.

As if smartphones didn’t make the consumer audience mobile enough, Google Glass will make them hyper-mobile. There will be fewer people looking down at their phones as they walk; instead, they’ll be viewing a screen on their “glasses.” This means they will be doing more browsing while mobile, which is great for businesses that know how capitalize on it.

It’s still not entirely clear which categories of consumers will favor Google Glass just yet, but here are a few good guesses. If you target these types of consumers, Google Glass could be a great conversion optimization tool for you.

The middle aged market: When the iPad was first released in 2010, 17% of its users were 45-54, and over 60% of all iPad users were male. The early predictions are that Google Glass will follow a similar trajectory, with the middle aged market adopting the device more quickly than other demographics. Many industries cater to this market; if yours is one of them, it’s time to brainstorm ways to target them more effectively with Google Glass.

Fun seekers: If the early ads are any indication, Google Glass was designed for use in a variety of highly mobile, adventurous situations: traveling, doing extreme sports, riding roller coasters, etc. If you operate a business that is a good fit for that audience, then the release of Google Glass may be the right time for your brand to post a few relevant, engaging videos on YouTube.

The affluent: Some consumers will want to try Google Glass just because they can. If you cater to the six figure crowd, you can bet some of them will be the first users of Google Glass. Take advantage of that by marketing to the affluent more aggressively: more email campaigns, more marketing videos, custom-tailored mobile web develoment and more updates on the networks they spend the most time on (LinkedIn comes to mind).

Google Glass could crash before it ever takes off, or it could just take some time for consumers to trust it before it becomes a mainstream necessity (much like the smartphone). Either way, you want to be prepared. If any of the markets listed here are in your audience, ask our Los Angeles social media agency how Google Glass can help you target them.


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