What’s Happening In Email Marketing

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Email marketing cannot be overlooked. With the ever changing landscape on the Internet, as a business owner you need to have as many options available to you as possible so that you can get the maximum ROI on any SEO campaign that you undertake. And Email marketing needs to be a part of that for several very good reasons.

Here’s one that might be overlooked. With the growth of the social networking sites, any email marketing campaign stands a very good chance of reaching more than the initial audience since there is a tendency for people to pass along interesting well written information.

Remember that the possible avenues for this type of marketing has grown as well. Studies have shown that while people are reading email less at their desktops, these messages are being read more and more on mobile devices like the Blackberry or iPhone. Once again this means that there is an expanding audience for email marketing among the technically savvy. It’s because of this that the experts suggest designing emails that work well in all these different enviroments.


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