What Pay Per Call Can Do For You

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As we all know, there are many different ways to get your message across the Internet and to advertise effectively and most of the people who use the Web as their primary source of income are familiar withpay per click advertising. However, not all of the same bunch are as well versed with the pay per call version.

Of course there are some differences between the two and one of the primary ones is the fact that pay per call works best for local service based firms since the billing is done through a phone number. The unique phone number that appears on the ads that can still be generated online is the source for the billing.

One of the other distinct advantages deals with the fact in this form of advertising, the ad is displayed rather than the web site and in this way, the people who phone are much closer to converting than other methods that only direct the prospect to the site.

In this way, Pay Per Call is cost efficient in that most of the billed transactions are close to being sales.


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