Website SEO optimization: best way to increase conversion to your site

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Website SEO optimization (websiteoptimization) is a very effective way to attract a larger audience to your site. To promote your website, at first it is necessary to make it attractive to search engines and users by website SEO optimization. If you will stick to certain optimization rules, it will help your site become more popular and visited.

For effective website optimization you should immediately find out why and what for you need a website. Select the area in which you are most well versed. Do not create a site with uncertain subjects. Some sites can accommodate a sections devoted entirely different topics, and this leads to "smearing" the general theme of the site and a decrease in PR.

Remember: It is much easier to promote a site, which describes, for example, only website SEO optimization (websiteoptimization), than the one which says about the optimization, games etc.

The second important thing for website search engine optimization is the content. First of all, fill up the site with unique content (do not reprint content from other sites).Along the way of site development you will have to do it regularly. Avoiding repetition of already existing materials, fill the site with really quality content worthy of its citation by other sites. It is highly valued by search engines and users.

When you began website optimization, it is very important to have a good site structure. If you have a great site, split it into thematic sections, sections on rubrics and so on. You will get a pyramid structure, where the greater weight will have home page. If the site is small, it is better to use net - where all the pages are linked by references between them. Some people use the net and a pyramid at once.

Also, when you make website SEO optimization, don’t forget to optimize the text. Place the text content as high as possible on the page. Optimize your site so that search engine that searches for your content, do not need to make their way through a bunch of banners, tables, scripts, etc.

Do not insert too much or too little text when you make web site optimization, because search engines like pages of medium size. Divide the text into paragraphs, so that visitors were more comfortable to read. Most users just scan pages quickly, running his eyes over the paragraphs.

Also do not forget about key words - they should meet at the beginning of the text (optional), in the middle and in the end. Their density should be approximately 3-5%. Website optimization requires optimization of your page for one or two words or phrases.

Tags h1-h6, strong and b, i, alt, title are very important in website optimization. The text must begin with a title, placed in tags <h1> </ h1>. In the title, make sure you use keywords. The subtitles can be enclosed in tags <h2>, <h3> etc., depending on their importance. A few key words or phrases that appear in the text, especially in the beginning, make bold (<strong> or <b>), or italic (<i>).

Optimize all links when you make web optimization. Set the references so that the user was comfortable to navigate through your site. Pages with one subject link by references between them. An important role in website SEO optimization is "anchor text" (the text content of a link). In the text of links do not write "click here" or "here" but paste keywords and combinations, which correspond to the pages to which these links lead.

When you make website optimization of your site, mainly use three meta tags: title, description, keywords.

The most important thing in websiteoptimization is the title. This tag should be made up so that it includes the keywords (optional), and was appealing to the visitor, because this text will be visible in search engine. Also check that the title of your page looks fine in a browser, in the bookmarks list. The second most important in websiteoptimization is meta tag is description. Briefly describe what the page using keywords is about. And the more tempting will be the description, the more likely is that the user will go to your website.


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