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Website optimization service is parts of website promote service. Website optimization - it's actually bringing the site in understandable view for search engines, with the objective of reaching the highest possible position on the results of certain searches queries. But sometimes, after optimization became understandable for the search engines, but unreadable to visitors. In this article we will consider only "clean" (honest) methods of search engine optimization service. It should be noted that the use of "black" (dishonest), optimization methods, you can certainly achieve great results, but for a "short" period. That is, when the search robot will detect the use of "black" website optimize methods, than the site almost 100% will go to a stop-list, and it will be too difficult and costly to "pull" the site from there.

Website optimization service is the main method to website promote online. After professionals quality website optimize, large number of visitors can get to your site, and most importantly, that these visitors will be targeted. For example, if we have made website promotion the company, that sells mobile phones, including through the Internet and on-demand «sales of mobile phone» - website will be in the top ten, then targets visitors will visit the site through search engines, and it will be people who specifically want to buy a mobile phone and probably will order services.

For example, if the site is on the first place in Yandex under this request after website promote and for a day about 15 000 of such requests (possibly more), approximately 10-20% of them will visit this site, and about 0.5-1.5 % of coming to the site visitors will make a purchase.  A month profit of organization will be significantly higher due to quality website promote. Given that the Website optimization service is worth $ 500 a month but usually $ 1000-3000per month, then we can conclude that in the end, web optimize will pay for itself many times. We now turn to a detailed analysis of the search engine optimization service. You need to:

Optimize website by title.

website optimize of the title is the most critical in search engine optimization service. It is desirable to have most important keywords in the title.  Specialists must website optimize so that main keywords were placed in the head, because in such a case they will have the biggest weight on the page. Words frequently used in search queries by users should be in this tag. It should be noted that you should not use long phrases in this tag, as the phrase is more relevant, if participating in a shorter sentence. 

Website optimize by meta tags

Many SEOs say that these tags do not effect on search engines, but Yandex still consider keywords located in these tags. Meta tags in Website optimization service means:

- Description of your site for search engines. Just like the title, the closer to the top of the page the most important keyword is the better. When you optimize website this tag must specify the information that reflects the information posted on the page. In addition, exactly this description will be displayed in search engine results.

Website optimize by content optimization

We went to the most interesting in Website optimization service. Content - this is the text in the page. Here, it is necessary to use many important keywords in information that posted on the page, but an excessive number of keywords can be evaluated by search engines, as search engine spam.

Let us consider the main stages in website promotion on the Internet. You should:

  1. Web optimize for the most important keywords or key phrases;
  2. Site registration in catalogs, and ratings;
  3. The increase in site  citation index  (increase the number of links to the site);
  4. Registration in search engines. 

Trust website promotion only to specialists in the field of SEO. Read more literature on the topic «website promote», and you will achieve success in this area and your site will bring you more profit.


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