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Today, there are plenty of website optimization companies, which offer many services to promote the site at different prices. Often, even after great analysis of all companies and choosing the best one, people disappointed with the work done and regret on spent time and money. Why it happens so and how to prevent this, we will try to find out in this article.

The answer is actually simple - reason for failure, as a rule, lies in the inability to pose a goal for web optimization companies. What I mean by that? We all tend to think that the clients’ goal is to increase customer sales. And the website optimization companies goal - getting money for their work. In practice, there are several pitfalls, a result of which goals gap appear between advertising agency and client. So, how do choose the advertising agency to promote your site?

To choose a qualified website optimization company, you just need to understand some of the principles of promotion, without which progress in the search engines today is inefficient.

1. Promotion requests for a specific customer's business must be chosen from the beginning of work with a maximum coverage of the audience.

Here there is a discrepancy between the customer and agency goals.

The main aim of the website optimization companies is to get from client monthly fixed fee, with the time that is spent on your project should be minimal. Now just think of how much does it take to process 20 000 queries of your subjects? Even with tools to automate this process in hand - at least 2 full working days of a qualified SEO specialist. If it is a small agency that can’t afford special software for processing of key phrases, this time stretched to 2-3 days. Considering that time for such a specialist company cost 3-5 thousands, you can easily figure out how a complete selection of queries unprofitable for the web optimization companies.

The problem is that if you want to gain a competitive advantage, it must work on all requests. And especially on those over which competitors did not bother to work. That is just a gold mine, where you can draw practically free traffic if properly work on the content. The trouble is that the customer in majority of cases do not understand, and so most of the projects compete for only a narrow segment of the real target audience.

The website optimization companies, which have a goal to help the clients understand that the main tasks of optimization and promotion, are just a selection of "cheap" segment. It is then possible to overtake the attendance of strong competitors, even if you have young site.

2. Site attendance should begin to grow no later than in 2 months after beginning of works (as long as we are talking only about the promotion of a website)

The main objective of optimization - is the growth of target visitors on website. If semantic core is selected correctly, after the writing of new texts and competent optimization, search engines detect changes in 2-5 weeks. Accordingly, by the end of the second month of work you can see positive dynamic. Attendances over falls are possible if only frequent queries were carried on the top.

3. New pages to new demands must be added to the site each month.

One of the most important factors - is regularly updated information of the site.

So, before you sign a contract, ask web optimization companies - whether all requests will be selected to your site, whether regular completion of the site will be with new pages and articles (we are talking about the promoted pages.)

Goals and objectives should clearly progress based on the cost of attracting visitors. Most often, incoming orders are either not monitored at all or tracked by the survey "How did you know about us." The consequence of this problem is the appearance of anxiety and inability to answer the question "for what should I pay money?” Since we do not know how many orders were actually made as a result of promotion, and so does such advertising brings us income or loss, is also behind the scenes.


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