Website Design Tool Web Builder 8 Reviews are In

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Reviews of WYSIWYG Web Builder 8 (aka “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Web Builder 8″) say that the product is aptly named. No, you don’t need to know how to write code, but you wil need to do some homework to learn how web pages work, particular if you want to unlock the more advanced Web Builder features.

According to other reviews of Web Builder 8, the UI is a little overwhelming. Its toolbox contains drop down boxes with the tools to manage design components such as Standard, Images, Form Controls, Media, Advanced, Navigation, Drawing, PayPal eCommerce, Login, Content Management System, and jQuery UI.

Once you have a handle on where all the tools are within the Toolbox, Web Builder is not difficult to use to design a simple site from scratch; but it’s not entirely easy either. There are shape tools that can be used to draw background components, and buttons for adding text art, clip art, curves, and lines, all found under Drawing. From Standard, you can add text, bulleted lists, tables, and more; and yes, there is an Image tool.

However, the built-in image editor only enables you to make minor adjustments to your image, and makes it difficult to resize images while keeping the same size ratio. All in all, web development types who have written Web Builder 8 reviews have not found the image editor to be that great.

Unlike other design tools, there are no drag-and-drop design features in WYSIWYG Web Builder, but there are drag-and-drop navigations that allow you to customize them for ease of use. Web Builder is good for those looking to add advanced features to a site, but website design beginners will still need someone to guide them or engage in some self-teaching. All in all, Web Builder 8 is a good tool for web development, but it’s not the easiest website design product for beginners.


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