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Website design is the process whereby the colors, fonts, graphics and layout of a webpage or website are established and created into an image, which is later coded and constructed into a functioning web page by a web developer.

Web design is a popular field, and many amateurs are under the impression that they can build a website just as easily as the real web development professionals. However, there's far more to website design than knowing your way around a template. If you want your visitors to convert into paying customers, you need to hire a professional web designer with specific knowledge of website design components like:

  • Layouts, colors, graphics and fonts - they must be industry specific
  • Search engine optimization techniques - they must meet current industry standards
  • Content creation - it needs relevant keywords, links and videos

Additional Website Design Services

But that's not all a web designer needs to know. To engage the audience, keep them on your website and increase the chances of conversion, a web designer must also know how to incorporate interactive features like:

  • Chat functions
  • Virtual tours
  • Flash (or HTML5-compliant) animations
  • Online video streaming
  • Shopping carts

You don't need all of these, of course - but you do need some. Our Los Angeles web design packages can meet as many of these needs as you require, including:

  • Static or dynamic website design
  • SEO friendly construction
  • Professional grade video production
  • Video streaming
  • Interactive features (virtual tours, shopping carts, chat features)
  • Social media optimization

This ensures that your website is no ordinary placeholder. Instead, it can be a powerful marketing tool and a valid representation of the business you have worked hard to build.

How to Find a Web Designer

You can keep searching for a website designer and be overcome by the number of choices, or you could trust Crest Media, a website design company that designs impactful websites for small businesses every day.

At Crest Media, web design is our full time job. It's what we do for businesses throughout the United States, from our California web design regulars in regions such as:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • Riverside/Inland Empire
  • San Francisco/San Jose

...To Texas web design clients throughout Austin and Dallas. To learn why our clients trust and value the work of Crest Media, we invite you to view our client testimonials.

If you're impressed by these reviews, then you should give our web design services a try by requesting a consultation. By asking questions about your business and its web development needs, our team can offer a customized web design package that fulfills your marketing goals.

Our Website Design Process

Our process begins when we meet with you to discuss your goals and the concepts you have in mind for your website. From there, we convert those ideas into a design proposal, aka "sketches," from which you can choose or re-construct as you see fit. We value our clients' input and want the final product to reflect the vision that the client has for his site.

Next, we integrate unique features into the site: embedded videos, contact forms, Flash animations, a blog or perhaps a shopping cart if you are an e-commerce site. If desired, we can discuss your marketing goals for the site at this time.

Our Web Design Process Flowchart details an approach to Website Development, that focuses on client-directed customizations and the most commonly accepted design protocols and trends throughout all of the internet.

Taking your input into account, we begin building the site and provide ongoing status updates throughout the buildout process. Once the site is built, it must pass two internal layers of quality control ("QC") testing before we submit it to you for the final review.

Once you approve the site, we launch it onto the server (yours or ours, depending on whether you have chosen us to host your site) - and your website is live.

To learn more about our website design services, contact Crest Media today. Our web development firm is available to answer your questions by phone or appointment.


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