Web site promotion services: promoting websites. What`s included?

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What do Web site promotion services include?

Prices for SEO services depend on various factors. Pay attention to the fact that prices will be higher in the companies that use legal and verified optimization techniques, for obvious reasons.

Swindlers promise for a penny bring the site in Yahoo top or first page of Google for a couple of days and then disappear received an advance.

But this is not the worst! When search engines find "black" methods of optimization on your site, it will be banned for extradition. As a result you will close to your company the most optimal and effective advertising platform - the Internet. Don’t try to use cheap web site promotion services (promoting web sites).

When you use web site promotion, prices for SEO-specialists should be chosen so that the costs would pay off by the traffic, customers, shopping in the case of an online store. This requires an initial site audit. The presence of audit in the company's web site promotion services portfolio -is an important indicator of its reliability. Typically, the analysis is free, and based on it, the final cost of promoting sites and the time at which will see the effect of promotion produces. It's no secret that sites are often created from a template, its structure is not thought out, and the content copied by careless sysadmins from other people's online resources.

You have decided to start promoting sites, but you are confused by prices. Let's face it. Quality web site promotion services contain a range of actions on the part of SEO-Specialist. So, for what do you pay?

Firstly, technical analysis of the site. Following factors are very important for search engines: the vulnerability of the site, domain status, the availability and content of the file robots.txt, formed site map, the correct HTML-code, designed system of internal links, missing pages duplicates or pages with errors, and much more. Not every system administrator or Internet marketer manager knows about the intricacies of the technical side of promoting websites.

Secondly, it is necessary to allocate key requests among the site pages. It may need a copywriter. Now to promote sites with unique content is perhaps the fastest way to get to the top of any search engine. In addition, make a list of selling requests on the subject of your site. For this purpose use Yahoo, Google and Rambler statistics. All of this will attract the target audience and identify your site from thousands of others due to promotion.

In the third, you will need to check the title page and, if necessary, arrange them in the tags, add a description, change the name to the more efficient and friendly, both for humans and robots. Sometimes the price of the issue for a quick site promotion include only properly chosen tags of the page.

And it's all just part of work on internal optimization of your website. But there are also external optimization (reference strategy of promoting websites, competitor analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses of a site, etc.). In addition, web site promotion services are partly affected by market analysis: finding a unique selling proposition, and finding and developing selling factors. All this is aimed to increase the flow of customers, or increase the number of sales at the current rate of traffic.

However, in response to a question posed earlier in this article - how to choose an agency for promoting websites, brief answer is - to work with professionals who take money only for work they did on the site. In any case, the agency that conducts promote websites should bring tangible benefits. These benefits must be quantifiable, necessarily in the form of the growth attendance curve and in the form of increasing number of calls (if traced).


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