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Web search optimization – what is this?

Web search optimization (or SEO – search engine optimization – optimization for search engines) – activities aimed at attracting target audience from search engines. Optimized website rises by target request in the search results of search engines and so increases the number of website visitors with a simultaneous increase in the proportion of the target audience.

Works on website search optimization are divided into internal and external. The main activities of SEO work is internal - website analysis for compliance with technical requirements, measures for elimination of technical errors, creating a semantic core, keyword selection, meta-tags writing, updating web content. External works - events held outside of the site, like registration of your site in search engines and directories, link exchanges, etc. The basic work in website search optimization is internal work, which is discussed in this article.

Approximate work plan for internal site search engine optimization:

  1. Site analysis for compliance with technical requirements. Most Web Masters don’t think much about why they are doing sites and how are created website will be accepted by search engines. And the main work of SEO specialists is to correct mistakes of webmaster. Key issues: use of structures <font size.>, <font class> instead <H1>, <H2> for the titles, use in navigation drop-down lists implemented by scripts and many others instruments of web search optimization.
  2. Writing recommendations for technical fixes and implementation of these recommendations. Usually further works under web search optimization are meaningless without implementation of all recommendations derived from analysis of the site.
  3. Keyword selection for website sections and pages. Keyword selection consists of analyzing statistics of keywords derived from search engines and selecting the most requested words on the website theme and section pages.
  4. Creation of web site semantic core is another important step in website search optimization. Semantic core – is the list of words and phrases that are the most relevant for the site subject. Semantic core is obtained from the analysis of selected keywords and site profit centers / companies. Semantic core bases on the main profit centers of the site / company and is added by the most popular close within the meaning queries.
  5. Adjustment of navigation and URL (URLs). After the preparation of semantic core ended, it becomes clear that the sections or pages should be named differently (not as a developer called them), respectively, we should adjust the names of menu items and URLs to more popular or more corresponding to semantic core of the site.
  6. Writing meta-tags. Here you should use META-tags: TITLE, Description, Keywords (Title, Description, key words) for the home page. For sections and internal pages except META-tags, TITLE, Description, Keywords, may be used <H1>, for dynamic sites rules for filling META-tags, TITLE, Description, Keywords and <H1> are written.
  7. Adjustment of the pages content. To make site pages higher in search results, make optimization of page’s content for queries that correspond to semantic core. As a rule, optimized sentences must be added and replaced by more popular phrases.

Web search optimization - can increase the number of visitors attracted by the search engines (i.e., increase search engine traffic of the site) due to higher positions of target queries in the search results of search engines. Search optimization - increases the amount of targeted traffic (potential customers).

Ideally, website search optimization raises the most popular 7-5 target query on the first positions of search results in several major search engines. The first results of SEO appear after 3-6 weeks after completion of the work, and for English language sites of orientation on the international market through a 2-3 month.  But one of the remarkable properties of SEO is its long-term effects, despite the fact that such work is carried out one-time. Web search optimization is a priority for any site having any profit centers.


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