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SEO on page optimization

SEO on page optimization or webpage optimization refers to techniques of search engine optimization and is used directly on the pages of websites. However, it is important to remember that web page promotion – is not just search engine optimization, it is webpage optimization for people and visitors.

When you do website optimization, you also give search engines what they want. It is important to give your visitors valuable content, because of which they will again and again go back to your website. When you make website optimization besides having valuable content on the site, you must not forget to pay attention to keywords using.

Avoid tamping your site with keywords, because of this site will not only look a little unprofessional, but also search engines can catch you with this, and punish for such use of keywords. You should remember this if you want to make good website promotion.

Ideally, the keywords should be used in reasonable quantities and naturally. In web page promotion use keywords frequently enough to attract search engine traffic, but not more than that. Though usually SEO determines the optimal keyword density for webpage optimization as 2-7%, the changes of Google algorithms show that the preferred density is 3-5%.

When you make SEO on page optimization make a list of common search terms that relate to the theme and subthemes of your site, and scatter them on your site. The algorithm of semantic index of Google might reward you if you will use similar phrases.

Website promotion requires keywords to be limited by the content of your site. It is important to use keywords in page titles. To a large extent the content of the page is determined by the search engine by the words used in the page titles.

If there are no keywords in the title, you will need to create a lot of external links on this page to attract visitors to it. When you put in the page title key words, place them as close as possible to the beginning of the title, but be sure that the headline is readable. Page title in web page promotion- is an integral part of website optimization, because exactly this title will be displayed in search results. Each page of your site should have unique, short title, which contains keywords of this page.

When you make website promotion, remember that search engines reflect in result page only a certain number of characters from the title of the page. Do not insert keywords in the title more than two or three times, for most of the key phrases one time will be enough.

Reading about the "strategies of website optimization", you often meet with the term "meta tags", but since the use of meta tags has been abused by spammers, most of the major search engines no longer pay much attention to it.

Most SEO on page optimization professionals no longer rely on the use of meta tags in web page promotion. However, if you decided to use them in webpage optimization, use only the following tags - meta keyword and meta description, and make sure that keywords you included in these tags, is in fact on this page, otherwise it can be considered as spam.

Website optimization requires Placing on the page links to relevant sites can also increase your popularity among search engines. However, it is important references to be genuine, and pointed to the sites with valuable for your visitors’ content. 
SEO on page optimization - it is not difficult, plus it allows you to offer your visitors high-quality relevant content, and increases your chances of success in search engines.


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