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What Is Web Development Marketing?

Maybe you're new to web marketing/e-commerce; or, maybe you've had a website for awhile and just want to know how to increase your traffic and ROI. Web development marketing refers to any technique of developing your business'; online presence and putting your product or service in front of as many prospects as possible. New technologies and practices emerge all the time. At Crest Media, it's our job to stay on top of all the latest web development marketing trends, while improving on our tried-and-true marketing techniques.

Web Development Marketing, SEO & Search-Engine
Friendly Web Design

Whether you want better search engine positioning in Orange County, or a Southern California website design that will be more user-friendly and forthcoming on search engines, web development marketing is absolutely necessary to have a successful and profitable online presence. Search-engine friendly web design and other components of SEO will get your site ranked higher with search engines, which has been proven by countless studies and plain old common sense to increase traffic, ROI and interest in your site. Not engaging in these methods of web development marketing would be like opening a business with no sign out front; no one would even know your business exists.

Internet Advertising Marketing & Email Marketing Lists

Part of getting ahead in the fast-paced web marketing/e-commerce environment means staying abreast of emerging technologies and growing trends. Internet advertising and marketing 2.0 are already proving to be the next addition to the web development marketing playing field. No longer can you expect business to boom with a website that remains static; you need to take your online offerings and put them front and center on web users' screens. We can do this for you via social marketing practices, like postinginternet advertising marketing on MySpace, YouTube, etc., or through focused and productive email marketing lists.

Crest Media’s Commitment to Web Development Marketing

The professional Southern California website designers at Crest Media have years of experience with traditional and emergent web development marketing techniques. You don't have to completely revamp your website to make it reach a larger audience. Crest Media's pros can survey your existing site and create a web development marketing strategy that will get your business out in front of the online marketplace.


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