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When they hear “web development services,” many business owners are likely to wonder what it means. After, all “web development” is a pretty broad concept. Some people think that web development is the same thing as website design, which isn’t exactly accurate.

At Crest Media, our Los Angeles web design team wants to help you understand what web development is all about. Web development may start with website design, but it also includes services that maintain the efficiency of a website. Those services include:

Web hosting: A well-executed website design is great, but it only matters if your site is effectively hosted. You have to find a web host somewhere, so why not us? Crest Media is a web hosting company that offers both web hosting and web design in one bundled package. Of course, this streamlines your web development costs – and who doesn’t like that?

Content development: Every website needs content (written text, photos and graphics). Sometimes the content is interactive, while other times it should be static. You need a balanced combination of both. With us as your web development company, you can achieve that perfect balance of quality content on your website.

E-commerce features: Online retail businesses need built-in shopping cart features, shipping forms and other check out tools. Crest Media can implement Ecommerce tools that will make your customers’ ordering process a breeze.

Mobile web design: With so many Americans searching for local businesses on their smartphones, it’s no exaggeration that mobile web design is the future of web development. Eventually, most of your customers will be using smartphones to locate you; it just makes sense to start developing your mobile website now. Crest Media can do the “dirty work” of mobile web design for you, and all you have to do is enjoy being more visible on the mobile web.

What else should full service website development offer?

Before any of these features can be implemented, the web design phase must come full circle. During this phase, a good web development provider should offer the right tools to take a client’s website to the next level. At Crest Media, we offer those tools. They are:

Video production/video streaming: A commercial grade video is a guaranteed attention-getter on any business website. As part of our web development services, Crest Media can produce a video that will impress and engage your visitors. Post it on YouTube and promote it on social media to make it work for you even more.

Chat functions: Live chats with your administrators, staff and even other customers can help customers feel more “plugged in” to your brand; it’s called building a fan community, and it’s an effective tool for many brands. Chat functions may not be right for every website, but if you decide that it’s right for yours, ask Crest Media to implement it into your website design.

Virtual tours: For many types of businesses, virtual tours are the way to get people in the door. Virtual tours aren’t only for real estate; they’re for medical offices, dental practices and many other businesses. Crest Media has created outstanding virtual tours for several websites, and we can do the same for yours.

Flash & HTML5 animations: Consumers still like a little flash; as for flash on your website, tasteful, HTML 5-compliant animation is the way to provide it to them. Crest Media can show you examples of the impressive flash animation we have produced for websites like yours.

Incorporating any of these features into your website can take it from “blah” to beautiful, not to mention turn it into an effective customer conversion tool. No matter your location or your industry, choose Crest Media to provide you with these web development services!


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