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SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a popular buzzword bandied about by businesses striving for Internet marketing success and, while critical to any profitable campaign, SEO is just one part of the puzzle. Fresno, CA, companies looking to boost their online presence need a web design provider that understands how all the pieces fit together, from initial web design and search engine placement to final conversion rate and accurate measurement of each campaign's effectiveness.

While some web design companies may be good at helping a client create a dynamic and engaging website, having a great site that receives little or no traffic is basically useless. Conversely, being effective in generating lots of traffic to a domain that is ill-conceived, full of low quality content, or user-unfriendly is not much better. There is a fine balance required in the process and only top-notch Fresno web design operations, such as Crest Media, have put it all together into a formula that has proven successful time and again for their clients.

With an extremely diversified client base, Crest Media understands how the particulars of a specific industry influences web design and layout and they are highly proficient at providing clients exactly what's needed. Each web development project is unique and tailored distinctly to fulfill the client's desires with as much hands-on input as the client wishes. This extends to the smallest detail, such as what colors and shadings appear most appropriate, although customers not wanting such a high degree of involvement can be accommodated just as well.

In the end, every web design project is geared toward one goal – client profitability. This is achieved through expert application of a variety of factors, including:

  • Keyword research
  • Content and coding optimization
  • Off-site link building
  • Conversion optimization
  • Regular detail/deliverables reports

A multi-faceted approach is taken toward obtaining the highest possible search engine rankings and, with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook becoming such integral parts of today's information landscape, great efforts are made to take advantage of these new and ever-changing trends.

Contact the top Fresno web design company, Crest Media, for ideas on how to boost your online presence and further enhance your branding efforts. They employ strictly 'white hat' SEO techniques and all designs are W3C compliant. If you're looking for the most professional job possible, go to the true professionals.


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