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Internet marketing is no longer an option; today, it’s an essential strategy for businesses to stay competitive. But like most enterprisers, you don’t have time to learn the complex details of search engine marketing and its ever-changing landscape.

Your solution? Internet marketing and online lead generation services from Crest Media. Our team of Web marketing experts can furnish the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition, no matter your industry or location. Imagine partnering with one company that serves as your comprehensive source for these invaluable services:

Website Design

Where maintaining a strong Web presence is concerned, having the website is just the beginning. From there, an effective online presence requires a custom website – one that conveys professionalism to your clients and prospects. When your website is well-designed and easy to navigate, its visitors will be impressed – and the profitable benefits will be yours.

And, our Web design services go beyond basic construction. If desired, we can incorporate optional products into your design to help you stand out even more. Video streams, virtual tours, flash animations, and chat functions - features we can use to enhance your site - are all within our scope of expertise.

Best of all, our Southern California website design team services clients nationwide. Learn more about the high end Web design services provided by our Los Angeles Web design firm.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Chances are, you’re aware that SEO is the process of choosing targeted keywords to help a website attain good search engine rankings. However, it’s also likely that you need a trusted source to apply effective SEO techniques to your website. After all, what business owner has the time to:

  • Research and experiment with targeted keywords
  • Write strong, compelling, and grammatically correct website text
  • Build relevant links that help your website gain credibility
  • Program the website with meta descriptions and keyword tags

Not many. Fortunately, the Internet marketing specialists at Crest Media do – and it’s what we do best. Our affordable SEO servicespick up where other Internet marketing companies leave off. Your marketing strategy can be developed alongside a professional, accessible account manager; your website text will be written by a skilled, experienced copywriter; and, expert programmers will implement necessary links, tags, and meta descriptions. As a result, your site will rank favorably in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing when prospects conduct a search for products or services like yours. Learn more about our Search Engine Optimization services.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Ever wished there was a way to ensure that your Internet marketing efforts only reach filtered, pre-qualified prospects? With the pay-per-click (PPC) Internet advertising model, that can become a reality. With our PPC services, you can better manage your marketing costs by paying only when a user clicks on your sponsored results advertisement. Plus, we can accurately monitor and report the results of your PPC campaigns with pay-per-click management. Learn more about our pay-per-click Internet advertising.

Social Media

Every day, more business owners are realizing the demand for a social media presence in order to stay relevant to consumers. But like other marketing efforts, starting and maintaining multiple social media accounts is time consuming – and frankly, your business needs you to attend to more pressing tasks. The solution is simple: Outsource your social media management to the Internet marketing specialists at Crest Media.

Crest Media can start, maintain, and expertly manage Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business – and, ghostwrite a frequently updated company blog that mirrors your industry expertise. With our keen awareness of the social media landscape and knack for grasping the key messaging points of any brand, your target audience can stay plugged into your latest developments. More importantly, they’ll know that you’re plugged into the 21st century.

E-mail Marketing

Give us your address list; we’ll send the e-mails. It’s that simple. To launch an e-mail marketing campaign for any business category, enlist the help of the LA/San Diego e-mail marketing specialists at Crest Media.

Online Video Production

Why does your website need video? Data suggests that a well-made video on a website’s home page can assist with converting more visitors into sales. Fortunately, Crest Media can provide you with a commercial-grade video shoot in addition to our extensive online marketing services.

Our video production team has produced television ads for companies like Fed Ex, Comcast, and General Motors; with that in mind, just imagine what they can do for your website. See examples of website video marketing.

Serving a Nationwide Clientele with Los Angeles Web Development/Marketing/SEO

Providing recognition to our clients by using the Internet as a promotion medium is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on keeping clients up to date on the developments and strategies relevant to their websites; and more importantly, we are proud of the proven results we help them attain via search engine traffic and return on investment.

We strategize, build, develop, and market our services in Southern California (primarily the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego regions) – but true to new technology business models, our services are executed for the benefit of a nationwide clientele.

In other words, we are not only a Los Angeles Web development company, an Orange County SEO firm, or a San Diego website design service; instead, we’re a national provider of these services. Not a Los Angeles e-mail marketing service: an “anywhere” one. Not an Orange County online video production team: a national one. A San Diego pay per click marketing provider? No: We’re an all-50-states provider of PPC services. The same is true of social media management, online reputation management, and any service we deliver.

After all, this is the 21st century; thanks to the Web, business is no longer stationary. Our turnkey solutions serve businesses like yours from start to finish; we believe that sets us apart from other Web design/SEO/affiliate marketing companies. To learn how we can optimize and empower your website with any of the above services, contact Crest Media today.


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