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Usability-audit – it is an evaluation of your site usability. The main and fundamental law of usability –make your site easy and convenient for users of different levels.

Usability-audit reveals site shortcomings, which prevent visitors to become a client of your company. Our professionals will study your site and help you find the answers to these questions:

  • Why there are a lot of visitors and just few buyers?
  • Is it easy for visitors to get necessary information on my site?
  • How can I improve my site?
  • Which pages on my site are unattractive and difficult to perceive?

It’s just the main questions. Usability-audit will make your site more convenient, strengthen confidence of visitors to your site and increase conversion of visitors into customers.

Usability-audit consists of the following components:

  • Site-services audit: whether it’s convenient to order products, how organized is search.
  • Rating ease of movement through a site: structure of sections, convenience of using navigation menu.
  • Main page analysis: what information is available on the home page, whether it attracts visitors to the most important sections, does it provides a re-visits to a site.
  • Analysis of content: how comfortable is page viewing, whether ad on a site is proper, how construct and informative are titles.
  • Analysis of texts quality: check the role of texts, whether they are formatted, whether headlines are informative and attractive.
  • Analysis of client part of a site: how properly order form works, how orders are processed, whether is contact information.
  • Checking site display in different browsers, download speed.


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