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Among the new Bing are Geo-Targeting and Malware tool. Now the webmaster know about malware not from an icon in search engine results, and search engine notification. Geo-Targeting will also be useful for the resources that offer additional services to residents of a particular country or region where there is no sense to display the page or section in search results for users from other domains.

In addition to the rapid notification about malware, webmasters will also be able to watch a malware re-evaluation request if Bing already applied the sanctions.

Geo-Targeting is able to divide people into groups based on geography and separating domains and subdomains of the site, as well as sections and even its pages for local visitors. In addition, webmasters can allow the search engine to collect information about visitors for statistical purposes.

Bing representatives emphasized that Geo-Targeting is useful for owners of international websites with deals for residents of specific regions. With the new option webmasters can tell the search engine the need to display a page to users in search results. Those who work with international sites and do not have specific categories shouldn't include Geo-Targeting.


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