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Twitter: For many professionals, it’s nothing more than a funny name. But for those who want to take advantage of one of the most influential communication platforms of the day, Twitter marketing is no laughing matter. That’s right: If you still haven’t started a Twitter marketing profile for your business, you’re missing out on a highly effective (not to mention very affordable) marketing strategy.

As an established online marketing firm, we’ve seen Twitter help a number of businesses gain the exposure they needed. Crest Media Internet Marketing partners with clients from a variety of industries, so we know first hand that Twitter can give a business from nearly any industry a powerful boost. Your business can benefit from more search engine authority, increased credibility, and brand name recognition when you establish a presence on Twitter.

Your heard us correctly: Twitter marketing can be an advantage for any category of business. Your enterprise should be represented on Twitter, no matter what your product or service is. Of course, there’s a right way and a wrong way to carry out your Twitter marketing campaign. It’s important to use these best practices for Twitter marketing as you begin this new venture:

Keep it simple: Unlike its competitors, Twitter is not aimed specifically at kids or adults; in fact, it tends to attract both. The bottom line is knowing your audience, and speaking to them accordingly. Taking on a condescending, contrived, or intentionally snarky tone in your Twitter updates isn’t necessary; and with only 140 characters allowed, you’re better off keeping it short, positive, and professional.

Reach out and touch…carefully: Twitter already projects a professional image with its “followers” moniker (rather than “friends”). For that reason, it’s even more important that you only follow those you’d like to have following you. Spamming out “follows” to random users is not an effective Twitter marketing strategy. Instead, follow those who are your existing or past customers, prospects who have opted into your e-mail list, and those who have filled out interest or contact forms. Real life friends and family are okay too, especially when you’re first getting started.

Proceed with caution: Ideally, people will follow you on Twitter because they’re interested in your product or service. Posting updates in what has become traditional Twitter speak (“Eating a burger,” “Going on vacay,” etc.) may be fun for non-business users; but it’s hardly among the best practices for professionals doing Twitter marketing. When you partner with a reputable firm like Crest Media, our social media marketing team will write regular Twitter updates that are related specifically to your business: sales, promotions, and events, in addition to other information that you specify.

Chances are, Twitter marketing is not on your immediate priority list. But to stay on top of current trends, and benefit from their profit potential, it’s nearly a necessity. For that reason, Crest Media invites you to learn more regarding our nationwide Twitter marketing services. When you trust your Twitter updates to our social media managers, you’re placing them in the most capable of hands. To inquire about this opportunity, contact Crest Media today.


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