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Welcome to Sean Hakes, Inc your Tucson SEO Company!

Since 2001 Sean Hakes, Inc has been providing leading search engine optimization strategies for small business owners around the U.S. Our transparent approach to Search Engine Optimization has allowed us to grow stronger with our clients while dedicating exceptional SEO solution for small businesses in Tucson, Phoenix, San Jose, Denver and beyond.

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Transparency is key.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a big secret, in fact one of the things we most pride ourselves on besides exceptional results is that we’re upfront with our clients and everything we do is transparent. Once we perform the necessary first steps to better search engine rankings, we will train you and/or your staff on how you can better maintenance your website moving forward by implementing strategic SEO tactics. For those businesses who do not have the time or desire to maintain your own websites seo rankings, at least you will have the education to know how we do what we do, and we can maintain it for you!

Affordable Tucson SEO Solutions for Small Businesses.

Don’t let the fact that we are one of the most competitively priced seo firms in the U.S fool you when it comes to our quality and level of service. In fact, Sean Hakes Inc is one of the most well respected SEO firms in the nation who provide only ethical search engine optimization that is designed to make your brand famous.

We’re Local to Tucson!

We believe it’s important to have face to face interaction. It builds trust and promotes integrity as well as gives us the ability to better understand your business to ensure we’re providing only the very best strategic approach for your business and your end goals.


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