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Traffic- promotion – it is a package of measures that help attract visitors to a site, that is, attract just targeted audience to your site.

You need website-traffic promotion, if:

  • Your site has a large number of pages and wide range of goods (services);
  • You want to get and pay only for a potential client but not the factors contributing to achieve the goal;
  • You don’t have a desire and need to fight for competitive and costly position on the tops;
  • You want the highest number of target audience (involved all areas of internet marketing, search engines, social networks, contextual advertising, etc.).

How web-site traffic promotion is implemented:

  1. Website Analysis

At first we analyze client's business. Promotion process is organized individually. We study business specific, goals are defined. During analyzing basic tasks are set and defines the concept which is later used as a basis for web site promotion agreement.

  1. SEO (search engine optimization for low-and middle-frequency queries)

We provide SEO promotion of medium-and low-frequency queries, so called. “Long tails queries.” At this stage are: html-code optimization and site content (seo-copywriting), quality external optimization, link building, so that a site achieves a leading position for those keywords.

  1. SMO (promotion in social media)

There are complex of works on site promotion in social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc. The numbers of active users of social networks steadily increase and it gives us the opportunity to find an audience, which is interesting for you! Such ways of attracting visitors to the site become more efficient.

  1. Contextual advertising.

If it is necessary we place and set up an ad campaign in Google AdWords. On the basis of the semantic core (list of keywords), create and set up ad unit in Google AdWords. Your ad will be visible on the first page of Google.

What is important to know about website traffic promotion?

If there are no visitors on your site, it means that it is. You need targeted visitors to your site. Attracting traffic is considered one of the priorities that must be solved by specialists. Search engines optimization by traffic – is a very effective way to increase profits and improve companies image.

Attracting visitors to your site

Attracting traffic is due to the growth of site position in SERPs. The higher site position, the better traffic-promotion is. Ways to attract visitors to a site excite everyone who wants to make money online. You can buy visitors to your site and you follow the whole list of tips and do something yourself. But it’s better apply to professionals. There are different ways to attract visitors to your site but their common goal is – an effective website traffic promotion.

Who needs visitors to a site?

Big Internet portals, web stores, online directories, catalogs of goods and services are interested in unique visitors. Traffic-promoting purses: enhance attendance of a resource. The longer site is under promotion, the more people will visit it.

Targeted visitors come to a site primarily from search engines.

To buy visitors to a site, you don’t need a big budget. If you want audience to gradually grew, the cost of each visitor will become lower. Website traffic promotion will show high results in the first month. Much depends on what effective ways to attract visitors to a site were applied.

So, if you need visitors to your site –the best way to achieve this is traffic-promotion


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