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New media marketing is still essential, but traditional advertising should never be abandoned. It's important to combine new media and traditional marketing efforts in order to get the most sustainable, long-term brand recognition possible - and brand recognition is the key to profitability.

Crest Media offers packages that reflect this idea. We can help you build momentum around your brand through a wide range of web-based and traditional advertising services. If you want to add breadth and depth to your brand strategizing efforts, this is the way to do it.

Cross-Channel Marketing

A cross-channel marketing campaign combines classical advertising with new media efforts; in other words, it utilizes a combination of web, radio, television and print, as well as incorporating out-of-home (OOH or billboard) advertising. Cross-channel marketing helps you gain brand recognition like nothing else, and you can launch an impactful campaign like this with Crest Media as your marketing services provider.

Traditional Advertising Services from Crest Media

We offer a wide range of traditional advertising services for your cross-channel marketing campaign, including:

Brand audits - This involves a thorough analysis of your company values and attributes, both internal and external, for improved decision-making going forward.

Strategic planning - We provide a competitive assessment that includes reliable market research and valuable consumer insights, and then together, we devise a plan that works.

Creative strategy - In this phase, we develop a concept, test potential key messaging points, write scripts and target executions.

Production - We design graphics, acquire and cast talent for commercials, film television commercials and record audio for radio commercials.

Media Analysis - We plan and buy TV, radio, cable, print and OOH advertisements. Next, we track, bill and analyze the campaign and provide you with a detailed report.

When you're ready to tell the story of your brand your way, contact Crest Media about traditional advertising services for your cross-channel marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing from you.


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