Tightening Up Those Landing Pages

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It’s important to be specific and clear in all areas of any Internet based business but the best in Southern California Website Design will pay special attention to the design of the landing pages as they pertain to any email marketing campaign.

There are several factors that come into play here and spell success.

1. Be specific. Website design in Southern California should leave no room for unanswered questions.  The landing page needs to be direct and focus on whatever the call to action is.

2. Keep The Scheme The Same. There’s no need to distract readers away from the message and call to action by changing colors or design here. Remember if the initial email followed a particular color scheme, the landing page should do the same.

3. Repeat The Offer. Keep in mind that if someone is on the landing page, that means the initial offer was interesting enough to click through on. So keep the ball rolling on the landing page and repeat the offer.

Finally, it’s necessary that Southern California Website Design firm that you’ve employed be clear that the call to action needs to be repeated once again. It might be obvious to you that interested people need to ‘Sign up Here’ but it might not be to them.


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