The Secret to Creating the Perfect Google AdWords Campaign

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Advertising is nothing new in the business world, but measuring the success of your ads in the traditional advertising world has always been somewhat of a mystery. Sure, you can monitor sales or client growth based on a product or service your ad is targeting but measuring the success or failure of every aspect of your ad has been virtually impossible until Google AdWords emerged.

The All Too Common Problem With AdWords

Creating a compelling pay per click ad that reaches out to a user and makes them do something is a difficult challenge. The problem most people face is this. They spend hours creating what they think is the perfect ad, the ad that will draw in millions of new customers. They unleash the ad onto the Internet and wait for the conversions to roll in like a freight train, but nothing happens. They instantly think, “Well that was pointless,” and abandon the poor performing ad. They either try again or give up entirely on creating the perfect AdWords campaign.

Creating Perfect Ads With Google AdWords

Technology has changed advertising in general and it has given us ways to measure the success or failure of our PPC campaigns. Creating the perfect ad for your Google AdWords campaign is not about spending hours trying to create a captivating headline. It is all about testing, fine tuning, tweaking and learning from your successes and failures until you can ultimately create the single best advertising campaign for your business. It is just that simple.

Businesses who create one ad and watch its performance are missing out on the true potential that Google Adwords can bring them. Success can’t possibly be measured from one ad and neither can failure. Multiple ads with varying copy and image types must be unleashed and tested for positive consumer response, as well as potential changes to Google’s ad quality score.

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From there it is as simple as measuring the success or failure of each ad. Elements from each ad can then be combined to create the perfect performing ad for your business. Once that ad is doing its job, more ads can be created and tested.

The process of creating the perfect Google Adwords ad is a constantly evolving process. If your business is not testing multiple PPC ads and combining their winning attributes into the most well refined and well performing ads, then you are missing the greatest feature of Google AdWords.


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