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The first thing that you need to remember about email marketingis that is it constantly shifting and changing to adapt to the changes that Internet marketing goes through as the mediun shifts and changes. With that in mind, there are certian trends that are at the forefront of this technique today and the one that creates the most buzz is the fact that subscriber’s are empowered here.

There are several things that the people who subscribe to these sites can decide for themselves in this modern version of marketing and some of these include:

  • when they will decide to join and leave any given subscription
  • if they want to report your email as spam

There are others, but the picture that becomes clear here is one where the subscriber has the power and at first this can frighten many site owners, but it really shouldn’t. All the experts agree that while there is a shift in the demographics that prefer text, email is still the choice way that many people prefer to get their cyber advertising.


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