The Elements of Design

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One of the things that can make the transition easier from print to online is the fact that many of the principles between advertising in the two mediums is the same. San Diego email marketing will need to  be laid out so that it’s easy to read , much the same as it’s print counterpart. Both of these technologies need to be clean and neat with some but not too much white space involved.  Both of these mediums have a few core design basics that you’ll need to have a look at when you apply them to marketing or anywhere else.

Proximity. Related items should be grouped together. This means that there’s no need to use up all the space that’s allocated if the reader needs to search the page needlessly for the information and graphics. On the other hand , you don’t want cram things together either.

Repetition. Now this is a bit of a grey area. You need to find a balance in that you need to have repetition in the design but too much will throw the reader off the content.  Repetition does work well with color and fonts for example.


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