The CEO’s Guide to Content Marketing

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The blogging, status updating and content marketing-savvy CEO is presented with a unique set of challenges, but our Dallas area SEO team is here to help. Where some digital marketing agencies may advise against it, we actually support the idea of brand founders and CEOs getting involved in this aspect of marketing, as it brings their intentions and hopes for the brand’s customers into the fold, for a more comprehensive message. Here are some tips for the CEO that wants to make his or her voice the primary voice of the brand in its content marketing efforts.

Engage first, sell second.

Many CEOs go into content marketing thinking that there are two points to creating content: 1.) To compete for better rankings, and 2.) To get links back to the website. We’re not going to argue: Indeed, those are two top reasons to do content marketing. But they are not the only ones.

Content marketing is an art of engagement, which means getting the attention of the audience by speaking about industry-related topics that interest them in an engaging way. This is how the marketer offers readers something of value. Once a CEO has mastered that (while being sure to practice good SEO technique), users are more likely to link to the content. Then, the first two objectives can be met as well.

Remember the SEO objectives.

Again, SEO is still important here. In order to expand the audience of the business’s social media following and optimize the company website for conversions, a CEO must practice good SEO technique. That means understanding what keywords the audience is using to search for businesses like his (Google AdWords can help with this), and using them in the content in a way that appears natural to the reader.

Google’s radar goes up when a piece of content appears to be written for robots rather than humans; that is why the natural placement of keywords (a.k.a. “relevant” keyword usage) is so important. Use keywords wisely, at a 2-3% density per page.

Only create quality content.

A brand’s content must be high quality across the board, but it is especially important for content to be high quality when it comes from the CEO. Any CEO that wants to be the face and voice of his brand, whether it is on the company blog, an industry news article or a social media status update, must be willing to put his content through a process of scrutiny.

He can edit the content himself, sure – but it is always best to have it reviewed by two sets of eyes before it goes live. If he can find a qualified subordinate to take a look at it and give it an editing treatment before putting it online, that can increase the quality of the content and increase its chances of resonating with the audience. Remember: for content marketing involving a brand’s CEO to work effectively, the content they create must be immeasurably beneficial to the brand’s audience so that it naturally earns likes and shares from well connected people for social media exposure, and links from relevant and highly valuable websites for SEO benefit.

Don’t be Afraid to Outsource Your Content Marketing.

Even the most marketing savvy CEOs aren’t afraid to outsource some of their content marketing duties. If there is an in-house marketing department, that staff can tackle many of the content marketing tasks required to elevate website rankings and promote the business with the target audience. But many times, the CEO is the business’s marketing department.

When that is the case, the most prudent decision a CEO can make is to outsource all content marketing duties to a qualified SEO company or social media agency. The Dallas area SEO and social media professionals of Crest Media will be glad to speak with CEOs about those services.


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