The California Web Design Debate: What’s More Important?

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The Parallels Control Panels Summit 2011 was over one month ago, but people are still talking about Parallels senior product marketing manager Jon McCarrick’s “Targeting Web Designers” presentation. In the talk, he addressed with the Florida and California web design professionals in attendance the unique issues and needs of the Web design community – specifically, what they are looking for in a hosting service provider.

To illustrate, used real case studies involving Web designers from around the world to show how important this market is for hosting providers. With over 1 million Web designers around the world and 286,000 in the US alone, he stressed that Web designers are arguably more important as a customer market than shared hosting providers are. In other words, even in today’s market, Web design is still undervalued!

At our Los Angeles web design firm, we tend to agree. For that reason, we do our best to stress to clients the importance of Web design when launching a new business site. And, it’s also the reason we offer both hosting and design services. That way, clients can conveniently and affordably launch a new site under the management of one comprehensive Long Beach-Pasadena area web design and hosting service provider.

Hosting services are important, but good Web design should never be neglected. Ask our California web design team how they can help you meet both needs at the same time.


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