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Every company that has its own site wants to find the best SEO company for Google promotion SEO. Why? Because Google is the world leader among search engines. Even in Runet, where Yandex reigns, Google processes more than one third of search queries. On this basis, it is very important for site owners to find the best SEO company for Google for successful SEO web promotion.

Google SEO company or Google SEO expert must be aware of the fact that SEO promotion      has its own features and in some parameters is fundamentally differ from SEO web promotion in Yandex. 
The best SEO company for Google knows that Google draws significantly more attention than any other search engines  to contents of tags <title>, headlines <h1> and  <h2>, as well as tips  <alt>. The latter allows make promotion SEO successfully, even for sites that contain basically nothing but photographs.  

Google SEO company should know that Google value more texts that is placed higher in html-code in the page. Therefore, for better indexing Google SEO professional should place keywords there.

The best SEO company for Google knows that, unlike Yandex, Google is more loyal to different sites directories, as well as satellites. And even if your site has got a ban from Yandex for the use of such resources, the chances of remission in Google's index is quite high. Additionally, every Google company that carries out promotion SEO is knowledgeable that Google is less selective in terms of quality links and sometimes quite successfully "eats" even references, texts of which were generated by automated systems of SEO web promotion. However, in the future Google SEO expert should better not to give preference to such methods of promotion SEO, as Google search algorithms is not standing still.

Every Google SEO company must be aware of the fact, that in SEO web promotion by references, links from internal pages have more weight than links from main page. In this Google also has a fundamental difference with Yandex. By the way, the best SEO company for Google should be very selective in selling links. By selling links on the left and right, Google SEO expert can easily earn a rating downgrade. For Google SEO company  that use SEO promotion by references will be more efficient to use related links, surrounded by relevant text with corresponding tags <title> and keywords.

Do not hire Google SEO expert or Google search engine optimization company, that does SEO web promotion  by buying links from pages with high PR, regardless on the subject area of donor site. Because now situation has slightly changed and subject area of donor site stands on the first place.

Google SEO professional should know that old sites have more chances on promotion SEO. The earlier domain was registered, the more weight and credibility he has in the eyes of Google.

To a large degree, SEO website promotion in Google depends on how well internal linking of pages is organized. It is also important for Google SEO expert not to "overdo" with a number of references, which should not cause suspicion among search engines.

Google SEO expert knows that it is very difficult to make SEO promotion of affiliate programs and other sites owned by the same company that are promoted on the same search terms and have substantially the same content. Google well detects such sites and shows only one of them in results over time.

And finally, the most important rule that should be followed by Google SEO company in SEO web promotion -is unique content. Absolutely unique articles - is the surest way of successful promotion SEO for Google SEO company. Moreover, this rule refers both to articles posted directly on the resource, and to articles posted on donors websites. 


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