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Fortunately, you know that a robust online presence is necessary to your success. However, you may be overwhelmed by the high volume of Internet marketing firms that are constantly vying for your business. The good news is that there is a way to screen these companies, and determine which one you can confidently entrust your website to for the long haul. When "interviewing" these SEO providers, here are the questions you need to ask.

What is your approach to search engine optimization? A good provider will offer both organic and paid search services, but still stick to white hat SEO practices and avoid unscrupulous or dishonest tactics.

What can you do for my local business? If you cater exclusively to a local customer base, you need a Texas SEO firm that knows how to target that local audience. Listen for providers to mention "geo-targeting," local paid ad campaigns, content marketing on local platforms and other techniques specific to local search marketing. This will mean they know how to target the local market.

How will I know your efforts are working? Any Internet marketing firm worth its fees should offer thorough reporting on its clients' campaigns on a regularly scheduled basis. Quality firms have metrics in place to determine which strategies are working, and which ones need adjustment.

What our Texas SEO Services Include

Crest Media offers high quality search engine optimization to businesses like yours. Our premium SEO services include:

  • Organic and paid search
  • Local search techniques
  • Content marketing
  • Scheduled campaign reporting

Our top priority is the success of your website in the search engines your prospects are using: Google, Yahoo and Bing. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our Texas SEO experts today. We look forward to answering your questions during a free search marketing consultation.


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