Targeting Local Customers In A New Way

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Technology is starting to evolve in a somewhat obtrussive, yet intuitive fashion. Smart phones can very easily pinpoint your current location in a matter of seconds. We all know big brother is watching us through our interactions with these devices, but now it looks like social media companies are watching us as well. Collecting information about a person’s location is now being used to help boost advertising with local customers to a whole new level.

How Can This Concept Benefit Your Business?

Being able to target advertising to local customers who are looking for a product or service your business is offering is huge. It’s like having the perfect piece of bait on the sidewalk for a customer who just so happens to be in the area. A person could be browsing their news feed on Facebook and your ad catches their eye. The selling point is the fact that your place of business is just a few short blocks away from their current location. The bait gets taken and you earn a new customer. It is as simple as that. This is all being billed as “The Local Awareness Ad.” It is something that the tech department at Facebook has been developing for over two years.

Building the Local Awareness Ad

If you build it, they will come. Yes it is true. If you build the right Local Awareness Ad, you can expect new customers to come strolling through your front door with money in hand. All you need to do is create the perfect ad! Creating the ad is super simple. Here’s what you need to do.

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Get on your company’s Facebook page. Once you are there, you need to select a geographical radius for your business. Facebook is smart enough to do this on its own, but you can really fine tune it if you want. You can specify an area as small as one single mile if you prefer. From there you need to add the perfect picture and a catchy headline. That’s all there is to it. Facebook will do its creepy thing and start targeting people who are near your place of business.

Expand Your Knowledge On Targeting Local Customers

You don’t need to use this method as-is. Get creative with it, and learn more about what will work for targeting your brand’s local customers. Use this method of advertising to talk about timed sales, exclusive merchandise that is available in limited quantities. Create a sense of urgency with the ad and watch people start flowing through your front door.


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