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The world of the Internet contains a vast number of websites for every product or service imaginable. But don’t think that having the best product at the most affordable price will gain you special notice. That mindset is more relevant in the off-line world than it is online. What it comes down to in terms of a highly productive online marketing strategy is whichever site is found first gets the majority of business. You can easily put this theory to the test. Do a search of a few keywords that pertain to your industry. If you aren’t ranked on the first pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing, then you’re blowing your chance to enjoy greater profits.

In such a competitive virtual world, you need the skills of an experienced SEO company to get you noticed – not just online, but even in your local area. E-Local Rank can help put your business in the spotlight which will result in higher Google ranking SEO and increased sales. Check out some of our top rated methods listed below that have been used in successful marketing campaigns to increase sales and web traffic: 

Google search engines optimization. Google is a money maker, not just for the search engine giant, but for the savvy entrepreneurs who have achieved top page ranking on its search engine results pages. It makes sense to target your marketing efforts for Google. We’ll help you launch a smart game plan for optimization that will ramp up your website positioning, and we’ll provide a structured plan that takes into account Google’s ever changing calculating methods. To ensure maximum results, our team of experts can offer a comprehensive Google management plan for improved page ranking.

White Hat techniques. In today’s search engine driven landscape, it’s often difficult to find a company that is ethical, while at the same time, aggressively stays on top of the most currentsearch engine optimization best practices. E-Local Rank prides itself on utilizing White Hat tactics. This is a natural way of driving up your brand power and attracting a flood of new site visitors while strictly adhering to search engine optimization rules and practices. 

Marketing SEO services. This improves your online presence by organically ranking your website at a higher position through on page and off page optimization methods. There is no one-size-fits all optimization. The better a brand’s exposure, the better the company’s message can reach the customers and prospective clients who rely on search engines every day to research, discover and purchase new products and services. We tailor our services to fit your business needs.

Superior internal linking. Deep linking is a vital element of search engine optimization best practices, but not many site owners take advantage of this tactic. Smart business owners know that it’s important to compose content with previous articles in mind to link back to. Viewers are then compelled to click on the links within the content that directs them to additional information on the same site. Internal linking allows users to navigate to the inner pages of your website, and it plays a pivotal role in elevating page ranking. E-Local Rank’s seasoned writers can help spruce up your back pages. When we submit this content to article directories, niche blogs and highly trafficked website, we use the URL to the inner web pages, not your main page. This sends a message to the major search engines that your site content isn’t focused solely on your front page. Google considers sites that employ superficial linking as low quality websites, which results in a low page ranking. E-Local Rank can help you optimize your internal linking structure by using relevant anchor text, with keywords, of course, to link to other pages of your website. Referencing relevant information can also increase traffic and keep users on your page, which can potentially convert them to paying customers.

Link building for directories. Another way to get a vote of approval from Google is through directory link building. This is a highly productive search engine optimization tool that not many small business owners are aware of. It’s also a fast and reliable way to gain new links. A well mapped out directory strategy strengthens your SEO campaign and provides tangible benefits, including an enhanced link profile and qualified referral traffic. E-Local Rank will submit your URL to hundreds of search-engine friendly directories that are moderated and well structured. Manually submitting your site to a top-tier directory not only leads to increased exposure and bolsters your online reputation, but ensures that your products will be accessible to customers researching goods and services in similar industries. Relevancy is everything. Directories that have earned high quality links from robust sources are likely to carry the most significant value. They not only help you get more one-way links back to your main site but will also bring in more relevant traffic and direct leads. Directory link building can be a time-consuming process, which is why it’s best to let our qualified team handle it for you. We keep a record of submissions to avoid resending the information to the same directory.

As we’ve demonstrated above, Google SEO is the way to go if you want to play in the major leagues. Every smart small business owner wants to thrive and stand head and shoulders above his or her competitors. If not, you wouldn’t have invested the time, money and resources to open your doors in the first place. Since you made that initial investment, doesn’t it make sense to make another one that can help maintain your competitive edge and bolster your staying power? Don’t languish on the side lines of the online world any longer. Our trained SEO specialists can help put you back in the spotlight! Let E-Local Rank evaluate your existing marketing plan and then develop a strategic plan of attack that gets you the results you need and deserve. Request a FREE CONSULTATION today from eLocalRank.com for all your online marketing needs. Send an email to [email protected] or call Toll Free 855-Go Local (855-405-6225). Let us get results for your company today!


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