Successfully Integrating SEO and Social Media

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According to one new study viewed by our Los Angeles social media experts, there is one thing that sets companies that are successful with SEO apart from those that aren’t: the degree to which they integrate social media into their campaigns. The study by research agency Ascend2, the findings of which were published in the white paper “SEO Strategy Outlook Report,” surveyed nearly 600 business and marketing professionals that work for companies from all types of industries. The participants were asked to rate the SEO success of their employers.

Successful SEO Integrates Social…

Perhaps surprisingly, only 15 percent of these marketing professionals say they are “very successful” with SEO at their jobs, and 18 percent that said they are “not successful” at all; everyone else falls somewhere in between, i.e. “somewhat successful.” But what is very telling is that out of the “very successful” group, 38 percent of them claim to be dedicated to extensive social media integration.

…And unsuccessful SEO Doesn’t

In the “not successful” group, only two percent of companies believe they are committed to social media. Contrast that with a whopping 50 percent of the “not successful” group, who admit they are not integrating social media at all. The majority of the “somewhat successful” group believes they engage in “limited” social media integration. The moral of the story is that successful SEO depends on a commitment to integrating social media. But how did we get to this point? Here is a rough timeline.

The Road to Today’s Customer Expectations

20 years ago, the only marketing expectation consumers had of the companies they patronize was that they could be found in the yellow pages. 10-15 years ago, they began expecting websites; and five years ago, they grew accustomed to encountering corporate blogs with some regularity. The next logical step was for them to begin expecting every company they support to be on social media – and not just by having a few pages, but by being active on those pages. They want community, and the role of the socially integrated company is to give it to them.

Could it be Your Platform?

Maybe your brand hasn’t found tremendous success on social media yet. If that is the case, ask yourself: Could you just be on the wrong platform for your business type? Remember, you don’t have to have a presence everywhere. “Location, location” may sound cliché, but it is as true on the web as it is anywhere. Yes, you need a presence on Facebook, and the page needs to be regularly updated. But if your audience just isn’t there yet, invest some time in a platform that better suits your customer demographic. It could be Twitter or Google+ – or, you may just want to focus on improving your products and services as an effort to get some great Yelp reviews. This is one way to run your business while improving your social media integration.

Of course, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. A good social media agency can focus on your social integration, and report to you about your SEO and social media on a regular basis to keep you in the loop. If this is a service your company could benefit from, contact the Los Angeles social media team at Crest Media.


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