Sound On Websites: How Much or How Little?

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By now it’s clear that adding sound to website is something that’s not going anywhere. As well as the push toward website video marketingthat is on the rise, there are many choices for the customer that is using theProfessional seo company to help them design a strategy that incorporates sound into the website experience. Still, the experts are sounding cautionary notes about the excessive use of sound.

Consider the last site that you saw that used it. If you’re like most people, you’ll agree right away that it’s overuse can be frustrating and repetitive and drive possible customers away in the same way that bad content can. And as we all know, the best search engine optimization techniques are for nothing if visitors are driven away.

However, the best professional seo company will suggest that while sound is good in some instances, the quality sound be excellent and visitor controlled in all circumstances where it is used.


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