Social Media Optimization: Must for Boosting Traffic

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves use of social networks and other means to drive more traffic to a website. A method of marketing, SMO aims to boost awareness about a site through messages on social networking sites, video sharing and photo sharing sites. Apart from this, sharing of information with blogs through RSS feeds or discussions on a particular blog post are also used to attract more traffic to the website. SMO methods are increasingly being used to drive the overall growth of a company and have become a vital part of any business’ growth strategy.

Social Media Optimization Methods
SMO has emerged as an integral strategy to maintain the online reputation of a company or a person. It changed the face of marketing and the growing importance of social networks like Facebook and Twitter in popularizing campaigns cannot be denied. These social media platforms offer businesses a chance to target and cater to a larger audience.

Several methods are used to attract unique and new visitors, such as:

  • √  RSS feeds, social news, rating and polling tools and buttons are incorporated in the web site design.
  • √  Inclusion of third party videos, images and links to attract more traffic.
  • √  Blogging, discussions on other blog posts and posting updates on various networking sites.

Since millions of people log on to the various social networking sites everyday, these websites ensure a wider audience and help in boosting revenues. Although similar to , SMO focuses on boosting traffic through newer channels rather than through various search engines. SMO has proved to be an effective Online Reputation Management or ORM and Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) and even boosts search engine driven traffic to a website.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization
Social media optimization techniques offer companies a chance to garner more publicity through online communities. There are several benefits of incorporating SMO in one’s business marketing plans.

  • √  Leads to increased brand awareness
  • √  Leads to improved rankings on the search pages of various search engines
  • √  Results in more potential customers visiting one’s site
  • √  Helps in development of improved relations with target market
  • √  Results in increased sales

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