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Sure, you know that social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace have been embraced by many in the business community. But does social media optimization benefit them, really? There’s an easy answer: If done properly, yes; social media marketing can be a powerful networking tool for business owners like you.

What do we mean by “done properly”? Specifically, we’re referring to staying true to the core goal of social media optimization: Using social media websites to attract visitors to your primary business website. A skilled social media manager will make sure that your social networks are used exclusively for:

Increasing your exposure: The moment you start an account on a social media site, you expose your business to a global network of potential new customers. However, lead generation is only the beginning. Studies show that social media optimization can indeed encourage greater conversion rates; in other words, many of your social media “friends” or “followers” are likely to become your paying customers.

Shaping your brand: You may already consider your website a powerful brand shaping tool (and it is); but frankly, in today’s economy it’s not necessarily enough. No matter your industry, your business needs social media optimization to attract a wider audience to your website. After all, your site is only effective if your prospects can see it. And while search engine optimization (SEO) does accomplish this, placing yourself on a social media site can boost your SEO efforts all the more.

But what really shapes your brand are the messages your social media page sends out. A good social media manager can post updates on your sales, promotions, and events for your audience to take advantage of. Often, these professionals are experienced writers who have a penchant for communicating to today’s tech-savvy consumers. And, as marketing professionals, they easily familiarize themselves with unfamiliar industries (like yours!).

Credibility: By now, it goes without saying that social media optimization is virtually required of businesses who want to appear credible in front of today’s shrewd, technologically aware consumers. But regardless of your targeted age demographic, it’s imperative that you embrace this not-so-new-anymore marketing technique.

That’s right: Social media sites are no longer just for kids. If you’re still holding out on using social media optimization, it’s no exaggeration that your business could potentially suffer. Giving your company a presence onFacebook or Twitter may be one of the smartest, cost-effective marketing strategies you could deploy.

Like many busy entrepreneurs, you may not have time to devote to social media optimization. Instead, many are hiring an online marketing firm to tackle their social media tasks. For instance, Los Angeles Internet marketing firm Crest Media can manage these accounts consistently and attentively. By allowing us to take on your social media marketing, you can rest assured that your online networks are staying informed and engaged by your social media content. To ask questions regarding this valuable service, contact Crest Media today!


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