Social Media Marketing Big Wigs are Bigger than Ever – Can You Compete?

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For those who aim to be big hitters on social media, this may be something of a wakeup call. Today, being a social media big wig means more than having a few thousand Facebook friends.

Instead, it means that you compete with guys like Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works and a speaker on the Fortune 500 circuit, who has around 122,000 identifiable Twitter followers with a few thousand being added each week. Even on newbie social media site Google+, Brogan has already amassed a whopping 67,000 followers (unlike many users, who signed up but didn’t know where to start).

Of course, Facebook is still relevant for those who want to be titans of social media marketing. For Mari Smith, a social media speaker and author, it means having 60,000 friends. Twitter is still a bigger draw, though, with 77,000 identifiable people following Mari’s tweets.

While these may seem like mere numbers, they actually translate into real social media influence. Some calculations revealed that Brogan has social media influence that is over 3,000 times more powerful than that of the average Twitter user, and Mari’s reach (aka “social pull”) is 1,800 times greater than that of the average Twitter user.

Now, these may seem like daunting goals to achieve, but they are possible – just not on your own. To attain social pull of this caliber, an individual or business must have the help of a social media agency or full time marketing strategist. After all, you need to earn a living while you’re out there pulling your weight! Try investigating your social media agency options before setting big goals for your social media marketing efforts. You may find that an expert can help you draw up a goal-reaching plan that is practical and attainable.


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