Social Media Marketing: A Cost Effective Technique

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An integral part of an organization’s integrated marketing plans, Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves the creation of content that attracts the attention of readers and encourages them to share it with their social networks. This process results in spreading the message that the company wants to convey to potential customers.

Why Social Media Marketing?
The growing importance of social media and the emergence of latest technologies have encouraged organizations to incorporate social media marketing in their overall marketing plans and strategies. The internet provides people with a set of tools that allow for the expansion of their social and business connections, share information with each other and collaborate with each other on various projects. The growing number of participants in social networks and the wide reach offered by social media makes it an attractive tool for spreading any message. Social news websites like Digg and StumbleUpon are capable of boosting traffic to any website.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing
Here are some benefits of social media marketing:

  • »  Social media is easily accessible to people having an internet connection and thus has emerged as an effective promotional tool. Organizations are increasingly using it to create awareness about their products and services and brands and to facilitate quick and regular interaction with their customers. Social media marketing is not done through one’s own website but via social networking, news and bookmark sites like facebook and Digg.
  • »  Use of social media to promote one’s products is not a costly exercise. Social media marketing replaces costly traditional methods of advertising at a fraction of the cost and yields quick results in the form of increased traffic. The use of social media marketing also offers a company the opportunity to have regular feedback about its products and services.
  • »  SMM campaigns can be incorporated along with the traditional advertising and marketing methods to ensure greater and wider penetration.

Planning for Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing campaigns need to be implemented with careful planning and after taking into consideration the target audience. Certain points need to be kept in mind while planning an SMM campaign:

  • √  Identify the target audience and analyze their expectations. Prepare your content accordingly.
  • √  Continue your social media interaction over a longer term. Let it not be sporadic.
  • √  SMM exposes a company’s products and services to a large audience. So, it is important to ensure that the facts and information presented are correct.

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