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Social media matters for businesses more than ever before. When it comes to holding out getting your business on social media, resistance is futile; you must be an social media marketer in order to effectively engage with your audience in the new media age. Crest Media is an Internet marketing firm that offers social media marketingservices. We're a social media agency that knows what it takes to succeed on the social media landscape, and we implement those strategies for businesses like yours every day.

What is Social Media?

A definition of social media may be the sharing and recommendation of information through user-managed channels and websites. Examples of social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

Unlike search-based information sharing that uses algorithmic criteria to determine authority, social media relies on recommendations (i.e. "likes," retweets, etc.) from users. It is the process of people sharing and recommending digital information that they believe to be valuable and reputable for themselves and those in their networks.

How does social media can really affect your business? Think of it this way: The customer's opinion is always right. When the customer uses that opinion in a public or semi-public forum to influence those around them, that affects your business. And that is why every small business must be on social media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The benefits of social media marketing are undeniable. They include:

Free visibility -

Social media helps you gain exposure. It brings a virtual "world" of prospects to your door, and many of them may become customers. Research shows that higher conversion rates happen when social media marketing is used to generate leads. In fact, social media marketing produces a greater return on investment (ROI) than most other marketing tools; that's easy to do when it's free!

Customer engagement -

Your website can help shape your brand, sure - but it's hardly the only tool you need. To reach out to your audience, show them more of your brand and engage with them on a more personal level, you need social media marketing. It enables you to share industry info, promotions, specials and other new developments in your business. Developing brand awareness this way can also supplement your reputation management efforts (think of review sites like Yelp!), and even local optimization (location-sharing and check-in based websites like Foursquare or Facebook Places).

Customer engagement should be the goal of every status update you post. The status update allows you to put as much brand personality into it as you want, just like sharing photos and links do. You're only limited by your imagination. But if "all business" is your thing, that's okay too. Social media marketing allows you to stay in control of customer engagement.

Building trust -

This takes engagement one step further. In the digital age, building trust is what matters most. Social media allows you to respond to customer concerns and pledge to correct any mistakes. This is so much more personal than the traditional "review card" approach, and a personal touch still matters.

Credibility -

Social media marketing gives you credit with your audience, especially if your audience is younger. And even if it isn't, guess what? Studies show that Facebook is now more popular with the middle aged crowd. Being on social media gives you credibility with everyone.

When you trust Crest Media to manage your social media marketing, we can create content aimed at reaching your audience, whoever they happen to be. The results are improved visibility, engagement, trust and credibility.

Social Alchemy: A Periodic Table of Social Media

Don't Forget About Blogging

Every effective social media campaign should also include a blogging strategy. Maintaining a company blog that contains your targeted keywords gives your SEO a boost, and it gives you more opportunities to link back to your own site with relevant content on social media. Crest Media is a social media agency that can incorporate blogging into your SEO or social media campaign.

Trust Crest Media For Your Social Media Management

Crest Media can do it all: fan and follow acquisitions, provoking interaction and engagement, creating content and posting it. From status updates to polls to advertising specials and posting links to your blog, trust Crest Media to manage your social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing is about making yourself stand out, and that's exactly what our social media agency does.

To speak with a social media marketing specialist, contact Crest Media today.


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