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Opening communication lines with the public introduces your brand and sends out key messages that will attract more customers. You can do this by creating a strong presence in the world of social media. We offer social media marketing solutions as part of our local search engine optimization services.

Social Media in the Information Age

Social media sites are excellent medium for driving traffic to your own website. Majority of Internet users go on social networks and other shared media sites to find information and services. We use different social media engines to help you connect with your potential clients. We will share your company’s products and services using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and link these back to your own site.

Building your social media presence and offering free information to readers lets you stay ahead of the competition. Not only do we offer news and information from Los Angeles clientele and media outlets, we also share relevant information from your competitors. Complete transparency allows readers to easily compare your services with the other providers and see why you are the best in the local market.

Protecting and Strengthening Your Brand Image

Building social media presence is only the beginning of a good campaign. Protecting your image is important in ensuring long-term success. We will help build your credibility by managing all your social media sites. We will screen all comments one by one, ensuring your readers only see constructive feedback. You will achieve credibility through positive brand building, and your customers will realize that you only provide high-quality service.

Create Lasting Relationships with People

The ultimate goal for personally reaching out to clients is to build lasting relationships. We use social media to convert visitors into clients, and clients into loyal customers. Our social media marketing campaigns aim to build and strengthen your networks. As we are a local SEO agency, we know what it takes to keep the Los Angeles market coming back to you. Together, we will build and maintain lasting business relationships and increase your connections.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our social media services. Make sure to check out our other solutions and affordable SEO packages as well.

Social Media Packages









Start your campaigns and build your online reputation.

Be social, get exposed and capture your online market.

Packed with positive brand reputation and management.

Strategies that will open lead opportunities.

Set Up


Facebook page creation (if needed)

Facebook info page optimization

Facebook welcome page optimization

Picture upload and optimization (5)

Integrate current website design and photos

1 Promotion and design & set up

Integrated Twitter feed

News feed interaction






Update page status with quote from client's website 
twice daily

Share links to relevant topics with connections daily

Tag connections in relevant pictures twice weekly

Respond to related pages in Facebook three 
times a week

Add a special link or video from YouTube or your 
website once a week

Source & add relevant connections to account 
2 hours per week

Weekly personal messages to fans about 
products & related promos

Daily Twitter posts

Monthly posting analytics



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