Social Media Agency Weighs in on Twitter Updates

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As a bustling Los Angeles social media agency, we couldn’t help but weigh in on the recent Twitter redesign. First though, let’s re-cap the story of the Twitter update & the responses from the social media community to the recent change.

What: The Twitter redesign includes a new look for and TweetDeck, as well as its mobile apps. There are three new buttons at the top of user pages: Home, @Connect and #Discover. @Connect shows users who has mentioned them and suggests some accounts they may want to follow based on their current network. #Discover shows what’s trending on Twitter and points users to standout stories and videos. Additionally, one major difference on the homepage is that tweets appear on the right side and take up far less space now.

Why: In short, the Twitter redesign is an effort that the company believes will simplify the Twitter user’s experience. Jack Dorsey, chairman of Twitter, told reporters and San Francisco SEO/social mediaattendees at a press conference last week that one driving factor behind the redesign was to make “Twitter more accessible for all 7 billion people on the planet.” He notes that now, it is “simpler not just for people already engaged but easier for new people to discover it and find value in it. It’s the best place to represent yourself on the Internet.”

Who: Who can benefit from updates to Twitter? Virtually everyone. Individuals on Twitter for personal use can now have a streamlined, potentially more enjoyable experience. When they click on a tweet, they can get immediate information on who retweeted and favorited it. Brands that represent themselves on Twitter can benefit from the expansion of the brand pages on the Twitter platform (designed to rival Facebook company pages for brands). Who’s already on board? American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney, General Electric, Hewlitt-Packard, McDonald’s, Nike, PepsiCo, among others (they partnered with Twitter for the launch).

All things considered, what do we think of the ? As a social media agency, we may have rolled our eyes when the news first broke; but like many in the industry, we’re definitely on board now! If the Twitter redesign can help our clients better represent themselves online (and it looks like it can), we’ll all for it. To inquire about your Los Angeles social media options, contact Crest Media today.


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