Social Media Agency Use Can Cut Business Costs

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Everyone knows that the state of the economy has been felt far and wide over the past couple of years, as owners of businesses big and small look for ways to save precious capital and profits. One report by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), based on the responses of nearly 900 small business owners surveyed in March 2011, reveals that one of the most popular cost-cutting measures is marketing through social media.

In fact, the survey showed that social media is a tool that many of today’s small businesses are using to take control of the future. The use of social media increased by 10% over last year, with 34% percent of the small businesses in California surveyed reporting that they currently use social media for promoting their business. As most are aware, the nation does what California does – so the saturation point can’t be far behind.

That means that whether your business is large or small, now is the time to capitalize on Los Angeles social media services, in addition to learning about and utilizing social media marketing methods on your own. Both can help you save money on marketing and advertising costs, potentially boosting your bottom line rather quickly.

Of course, no one is saying that social media agency use is the answer to all your business’ woes, but the survey speaks for itself; social media utilization is what smart business owners do to cut costs in today’s dwindling economy. It can offset the negative impact of losing business due to consumer struggles, because it costs very little and packs a big punch.

How so? Another recent survey, this one from research firm and marketing literature publisher MarketingSherpa, confirmed that social media helps boost search engine ranking for businesses, builds brand identity and credibility – all of which contribute to increased brand loyalty. In short, using a social media agency and other social media techniques can help your in ways that television commercials and billboards cannot.


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