Social Media Agency Tips for Likeability

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By now, most people know that “like” doesn’t mean what it used to. Today, “liking” something means clicking the “like” button on a Facebook page. People can like the status updates or comments of other Facebook users; and, they can like the Facebook page of an organization or business.

With that in mind, likeability is more important than ever. Our Los Angeles social media agency recently found some suggestions to increase brand likeability in the social media sphere. A few of the most pointed tips we “liked” were:

Never Stop Listening - Participating in social media is like engaging in a never-ending conversation. Using your social media page to listen to users’ conversations about your brand, your competitors, and their wants and needs as consumers are what social media is all about. This is an advantage that businesses of past generations didn’t have – and it would be a mistake to take that benefit for granted. The biggest social media blunder a business can make is to launch a page, then forget to listen when users start talking.

Respond Quickly to Negative Comments – Now more than ever, customers have taken to social networks to share their frustrations about brands and products. It no longer takes months for customer complaints to get noticed; it now happens within hours, so the faster you can respond, the better. Indicate that you’re addressing the issue through a private message; or if there are a string of similarly negative comments, go ahead and address the complaint on your Facebook wall. Customers will feel heard, and your audience will see that you care.

Provide Value (for Free!) – Using your Facebook page to promote small offers (10% off) isn’t very effective – but using it to give deep discounts (say, 50%) is. When users see that brands use social media to provide real value to consumers, they get excited – and that excitement is contagious. If you’re a B2B service, you can still use this great Facebook marketing strategy; try giving away white papers, sharing articles or doing free webinars.

These tips came courtesy of , a social media agency that has worked with more than 200 leading brands including, Verizon and Neutrogena. In other words, he’s someone to listen to!


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