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Attendees at the recent LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference were introduced to a new concept, one that helps companies benchmark their social media presence: the social media pyramid. Lou Adler of The Adler Group, who designed the model, included its unveiling as part of a presentation on how small to medium sized businesses can create a big brand (for the purposes of attracting bright talent as new hires) without the benefit of a big name. He explains:

“Most companies are using a hodgepodge of social media ideas, trying a little of this and a little of that, in the hope something works. Rather than proceed in such a haphazard manner, I’ve decided to give some structure to the process by creating five levels of social media effectiveness based on currently available technology.” The levels are as follows:

Novice: Those who rank at this basic bottom level are companies with singular Facebook and LinkedIn company pages, with boring job descriptions posted in “some illogical and uninteresting order,” according to Adler. Novices, he says, will only stay in touch with active candidates with excess time on their hands. This level may be effective for some companies, but not all.

Minimalist: To move past Novice on the social media pyramid, a company needs 1.) a CRM system driving its messaging and 2.) a more robust search program than its competitors, so that job searchers can more easily find the company on Google or a job aggregator site (Monster, etc.) by entering a job title and location (not a company name). “If you can’t get this part right,” Adler says, “just think of how many prospects aren’t seeing your job postings.”

Progressive: This is where the social media pyramid gets serious. By implementing a model for your social media efforts whereby prospects are driven via an aggressive marketing program to your page, you can group all similar jobs offered into a master job class (i.e. all engineer jobs, listed from entry level to senior level). There should be metrics involved at this level, like tracking the source of candidate opt-in and the effectiveness of each social media channel on the company’s hiring rate. Often, a company at the Progressive level or higher is working with a social media agency.

Maven: Mavens do all of the above and more, Adler says. They realize that passive candidates, some of whom may be very good employee prospects, won’t extensively engage in social media shenanigans. With that in mind, the Maven uses more innovation, with enticing job titles, compelling job descriptions and unique methods of staying in contact. A Las Vegas social media agency can help you develop and implement these strategies effectively.

World Leader: This is the top rung of the social media pyramid. Social media world leaders use career-focused messaging to attract candidates and clearly describe career opportunities on as many social media channels as possible; they have a Virtual Talent Community, whereby the best passive candidates are directly connected to their employees as part of the company’s efforts to win the new war for talent; and of course, they have an interactive CRM that can also act as a virtual recruiter. Above all, social media world leaders use an aligned talent-centric strategy when it comes to seeking new employees.

Take a moment to evaluate your social media participation, and determine if your small business is a novice, maven or world leader on the as you set out to attract new talent. If you are low on the ladder, why not consider hiring a social media agency to help you climb higher?


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